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Many years ago I told myself to go for everything I wanted to do and relentlessly do so because life was/is really just too short. My greatest fear is living a life less than what I am capable of, getting to the end whenever that will be I want to know that I have lived my fullest life...or at least tried.

Morocco edit

Morocco, challenged and surprised me constantly with it’s varied beauty. Here is a selection of captured moments. Time to start trekking .. Back from summit and time to chill, road trip and explore.. A night with the stars in the Sahara desert.. This trip was with the amazing muchbetteradventures  


After a few months of marathon training, here is what I have learnt - you can do anything, if it sets your soul on fire (I live on quotes). I watch a lot of athletics, triathlons, you name it but what I love is watching documentaries about the people who do these amazing things. In … Continue reading Fire