Going for Gold

My main 2017 goal was to get back the fitness level I had back in 2012\2013\2014 when I was running\exercising consistently and I felt healthier (both in body and mind).

Last year I signed up for a half marathon in France, in the cutest town I have ever been to. When my friend Emma came to visit me in Geneva, we took a day trip to Annecy and it happened to be the day of the marathon so we decided there was only one thing for it – sign up for the half marathon the next year!

Well we signed up, booked flights and then I halfheartedly trained or more aptly put thought of training. Race day came, I wasn’t ready (obviously) and so I joined the crowds and watched Emma brave the rain to complete the race. I was really disappointed in myself but then I was in France with cheese fondue on tap (I mean can you be sad and be eating fondue?), french breads, vino and pastries – so I didn’t focus on my disappointment for too long.  I then went straight to Dubai with work straight after where I got to ride camels, sand dune and gaze at the Burj (and lots of work it was an actual work trip)…I really forgot about the whole booking a half marathon, turning up and not actually run it. I had an intense few months of work before travelling S.E Asia with my sister and gain I didn’t focus too much on getting fit. 

Fast forward to end of 2016, I started running again slowly, very slowly and for short distances but I continued to build my distance and speed. I am well into my training plan which has been made up of 3 runs a week; two shorter faster paced runs (4.5 miles) and then a long run which had been 6.5 miles for the last month but went up to 8.5 miles last week. Something clicked this time, I have gone for the no excuses method come rain or thunder the run will be done. Simples. I am focusing on consistency and discipline not so much motivation (though I seem to have this in abundance at the moment) and this has worked, I know once I am out there is no other feeling like it. 

To keep me on track and to also have markers for my fitness milestones (plus I love gold – Austin Powers) I signed up for the following races:

🏅10 K on Feb 5 – which I completed in 1 hr 2 mins (I still can’t believe this)

🏅 Budapest Spring half marathon – April 9

🏅 Richmond Park 10 miler – June 4

My personal running goals for 2017 are:

🏅 Sub-30min 5K  (I am at about 31/32 mins, chipping away at it)

🏅 Sub-1hr 10K

Lets do this.


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