Trekking to base camp Mt. Everest – September 2017

At the end of 2016 I wrote down my wishlist for 2017 which included life and travel goals. First on the travelling list was beautiful Nepal, I spent the end of 2016 going on about booking this trip that it just had to happen if only to shut me up! One evening after work during my commute (2 hours each way ..sigh) I was googling Nepal and trips/tours available and saw the Mt. Everest base camp trek,  I knew instantly it was the perfect trip for me. That evening I booked my spot (after a quick call to the bestie whose birthday I will be missing).

So, in September I am going to be flying to Kathmandu and trekking up Everest for 12 days reaching  heights above 5500m (hopefully – I don’t know how my body will deal with altitude). I am going solo but will be joining a guided tour with up to 15 other people. I need to be in rather good shape to give myself the best chance, I have been working on this (I am currently training for the Budapest Spring half-marathon in April averaging 15miles/24km a week for the last couple months). Having something immense to work towards is my way of keeping myself in check and making sure I stay fit in the coming months.

Will I be able to do it..? I don’t know. Will I give it my best shot..? Abso-freakin-lutely.


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