As with almost every country I have never been to, for many years I have wanted to visit Prague. I booked this trip last year just after my Venice trip in November and as part of my visit a new country every month. 

I really had not taken part in the planned of the trip but I knew I wanted to make sure I get a chance to run around the city, there is nothing like running in a new place.

We arrived thursday evening and it had been a stressful start to the trip (thank you storm Doris) which ended with one our trio missing the flight and the next flights were all fully booked. When I got to the hotel I was feeling quite restless and did a quick HIIT to tire me out and it did the trick as always (as did the cheesecake!). My cousin and I decided that a morning run would be a perfect way to start the day especially as we were staying by the river, it would be a simple route to Charles bridge and back. We ran to the next morning, the bridge was pretty empty and the sun was shining it was the best way to start the day. We then ran back to our hotel and tucked into the buffet breakfast. We spent the day walking around Old Town and getting lost in its cobbled streets and beautifully coloured buildings.

The next day (Saturday) started with a workout in the Hotel gym, which was basic but that’s all you need. We again had a splendid day walking around this time on the other side of the Vltava river in Lesser town where Prague castle and even cuter cobbled streets can be found. We climbed up to what we thought was the castle (followed something that looked like a castle sign) but it was all part of the experience of getting lost and discovering a new place. We spent some time watching the guards at Prague castle which was good fun.

Sunday was a lie in and a rest day as my muscles felt tight from all the walking and I also realised I hadn’t had a rest day this week. Later in the day we wandered through Josefov the Jewish quarter and I then went to meet a friend who I met in undergrad. We went to a little café and then to their local park which had a beautiful view of the city (and a beer garden). People in Prague love dogs.. and I do not. After a rather uncomfortable (dogs of their leashes everywhere) but fun catch up we wandered up the hill to watch the sun setting over Prague. We later went to a pub to meet some of my friends friends who were also visiting and I got a chance to have some more local food; 3 types of fried cheese and bavarian sausage, a bit overwhelming but really delicious. I then met up with my cousin by the town square where I had some more of the delicious hot wine. A perfect end to a beautiful Prague evening was some hot waffles and ice cream and wandering through the streets of old town.

  1. My favourite café was the Art cafe on the way to the dancing house
  2. Most memorable moment – morning run along the river to Charles Bridge before it was crowded with fellow tourists
  3. Food highlight – Delicious Michelin star food from Divini’s  – we had the tasting menu and everything was absolutely amazing

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