Today during my run, which was my long one for the week (which also wasn’t going well because I took off like a cheetah for the first 2 miles and then faded considerably after that – will I learn? Like ever?). Anyway, whilst trying to distract myself I was looking at the sea (the tide was in) and decided to take a break from my run and have little walk in the sand along the seafront.

While taking 5 to just enjoy watching the waves, I realized how it has taken me literally going around the world to truly appreciate living by the sea. I love having the sea on my doorstep, even in these winter months I enjoyed looking out to the sea whilst on my runs and it just fills me with calmness, happy calmness. I especially love misty runs like the one today where everything looks a little bit magical (and less crowded).

I have always been a nomad in my heart, and I have big dreams to see the world,  experience different cultures and this sometimes made Saaa-fend seem less than all those experiences. I have lived in Southend for over 15 years and I love it, but I don’t think I have truly ever appreciated it, till I came back from a year living away. The sea has been my actual running buddy over the last few months, every run I do including the evening runs have been mostly along the seafront.

I have now promised myself to take advantage of being able to do seaside activities, which I have not done since a school trip many years ago. Here is to planning some summer adventures on the water, and remembering to make the most of where you live.


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