Bude, Cornwall

After a couple weeks of limping around (injury from my last race), I was so ready for a bit of an adventure and discovering a new place. Given that walking is basically the only exercise I can now do pain free I was excited for some British seaside exploring.

We were staying in Bude,  a 6 hour drive away from Southend splitting the road trip into two first to Bristol where we stayed the night at my cousins and then the second leg driving to Cornwall the next day. Tunes, snacks and lots of water later we arrived at our pod. A simple and beautiful spot made even more perfect by the lovely weather – we were in the tropics y’all.

Days of seaside exploring, surfing, bbq’s, clotted cream ice-cream, getting lost on bike rides, pasties.. and scones with clotted cream and jam. Days ending with a dip in the very cool sea.IMG_8606[1]

Our second day we had a 2 hour class of surfing, the water was ice cold which from the cliff tops looking down into the blue waters was unexpected. The lesson was structured to get you catching waves and stabling the surf board to allow you to stand..but we did have a lot of fun and good work out, my arms still hurt..definitely worked off those ice-creams..at least one. IMG_8602[1]

Here is to many more salty water, cream filled (in all its delicious forms), laughter filled, bike ride filled adventures with these girls.















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