I am running a marathon …

My running goal for 2017 was to run a half-marathon (which I did in Budapest), well 2018 we are going big, well bigger at least – 26.2 miles around Paris (which incidentally is one of my favorite places on earth). I applied for the London 2018 marathon but like most people I didn’t get a place, but not to be deterred (am I ever?), I decided that if I didn’t get London I would be 100% doing an international race. Paris is a couple weeks earlier and seemed perfect. Guys … post-run baguettes, croissants and ALL the patisseries? Yes, yes and yes. Or should I say Oui, oui et oui!

All through my training runs and races throughout this year to get to the half-marathon and after, I learned to just be patient. To go with feel and trust the process, it’s slow and hard but consistency is always rewarded. It all starts with the first step and before you know it you are a month in and being able to do much more and for longer than you could have imagined on day 1. I have found that this applies to all aspects of life.

So I am looking at my 2018 goals and starting to work towards them slowly and in my own time. I am goal oriented and like to start planning my next years goal around now, my theory is whatever habits I want to do in 2018 I have to start now so that when I get to 2018 I have already begun, thus less likely to fail? Right? There is some logic there I feel.

I am 3 weeks into my marathon training plan and adjusting back into the rhythm of training, and feeling very very excited. 26.2 miles I’m coming for you.

How are those 2017 goals going? If they haven’t worked out, are there things (no matter how small) you can start doing now to set yourself up to achieve them in 2018 if not before 2017 is out? Trust in the process. You got this.


I do it for them endorphins. Magic takes guts.



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