At last: a journey to self love

I cannot remember a time that I did not hate my body up until the last year or so. My hair, my generous bum, thighs and hips, my face and everything else depending on the day. I just did not understand how beautiful and me could be in the same sentence. I was always at war with myself. I spent so long comparing myself to other people wishing I looked like someone else, anyone else.

Even at my lowest weight (what I thought would bring me happiness a size 10) – I just found more things I didn’t like. I have learnt that you can lose weight, wear make up, buy new clothes, shoes or whatever else that makes you feel better but at the core if you do not accept and love yourself none of those things will bring you the joy you think you will find in them.

This last year I have focused on loving myself, focusing on what my body can do (it is strong, can run for hours and climbs mountains) and focusing on what I like which culminated with me cutting my hair. A sign for me that I was trully at peace with how I was made and the soace I take in this world. It has taken me the best part of a life time to love myself, to finally believe that I am beautiful. The idea that anyone feels the way I did before, brings me to tears. No matter how many times someone else sees your beauty it counts only if you can see and believe it inside too.

So if you struggle with self-love, here is my challenge. Be kind to yourself. Whenever you look in the mirror count only the things you like and if you can’t find anything remember there is beauty in trying. Keep trying. Focus on what you are good at. Day by day slowly what has always been true, what everyone deserves to know/feel deep down will reveal itself. You are beautiful. You are perfect just as you are. All the stars in the universe believe it. Shield yourself in these truths for when the world or anyone (including yourself) tries to tell you otherwise.

🎵 Alessia Cara – scars to your beautiful





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