DRC diary (2)

The lost files, this was a post I started as I continued the trip to one of the projects in DR Congo. It starts Jan 23 and continues to the end of the trip. I then visited another project and came back to the UK before the world went upside down. Thursday Jan 23 Early … Continue reading DRC diary (2)

DRC Diary (1)

Rushing to the airport, clinging onto the various documents to be shown receipt for flight, mission order, permission letters from the government whilst the road uneven road. We have had our humanitarian flight bought forward and have to head to the tarmac straight away. Once we had rushed through immigration, and rushing through all checks … Continue reading DRC Diary (1)

Morocco edit

Morocco, challenged and surprised me constantly with it’s varied beauty. Here is a selection of captured moments. Time to start trekking .. Back from summit and time to chill, road trip and explore.. A night with the stars in the Sahara desert.. This trip was with the amazing muchbetteradventures  


After a few months of marathon training, here is what I have learnt - you can do anything, if it sets your soul on fire (I live on quotes). I watch a lot of athletics, triathlons, you name it but what I love is watching documentaries about the people who do these amazing things. In … Continue reading Fire