Today during my run, which was my long one for the week (which also wasn’t going well because I took off like a cheetah for the first 2 miles and then faded considerably after that – will I learn? Like ever?). Anyway, whilst trying to distract myself I was looking at the sea (the tide … Continue reading Southend

If you get a chance – take it.

When the time came to decide where to work for placement year during undergrad, I  had two criteria  - abroad and in infectious diseases. I didn't care where I just wanted to go somewhere; this left two projects out of hundreds in Paris or Cornell University. Paris was practical, cheaper, no visa stress and the … Continue reading If you get a chance – take it.

Just another blog…

Many years ago I told myself to go for everything I wanted to do and relentlessly do so because life was/is really just too short. My greatest fear is living a life less than what I am capable of, getting to the end whenever that will be I want to know that I have lived my fullest life...or at least tried.