As with almost every country I have never been to, for many years I have wanted to visit Prague. I booked this trip last year just after my Venice trip in November and as part of my visit a new country every month.  I really had not taken part in the planned of the trip … Continue reading Prague

Beautiful girl, you can do hard things.

The title above was the quote that got me through today's run. Beautiful girl, you can do hard things. I woke up tired but a nap during my commute gave me life (and a pepperoni pizza at lunch). I spend the day on a computer (disease surveillance is all about data & databases) and have found that … Continue reading Beautiful girl, you can do hard things.

Just another blog…

Many years ago I told myself to go for everything I wanted to do and relentlessly do so because life was/is really just too short. My greatest fear is living a life less than what I am capable of, getting to the end whenever that will be I want to know that I have lived my fullest life...or at least tried.